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Atlas Trek Adventure

6 days’ tour from Marrakech to Toubkal mountain and Merzouga desert.



Day 1 : Marrakech – Imlil – Base camp of Toubkal

Leaving Marrakech, we will drive through Aremd and the Mizane to Toubkal Refuge. During the journey, we will cross the Haouz Plain and travel through the village of Asni. It is the point from climbing towards the foothills of the Massif begins.  Alongside the road there is the valley of Oued Rihrhaia that streetches the distance and small villages towards the village of Imlil. In Imlil, we will leave the vehicles and accompany a guide along the Mizane Valley and through the village of Aremd and the shrine of Sidi Chamarouch. It is lies overlooking the valley. Aremd is the largest valley in the region that offers an interesting traditional terraced farming. Berber Villagers have been farming these lands for long time. From the harsh landscape, they produce corn, potatoes, walnuts… .  The journey continues to cross the flood plain and the high cliffs over the valley. Intersection the river we in the end go to the peaceful hallowed place of Sidi Chamarouch, which pulls in sightseers and explorers alike (although just Muslims are permitted to cross the stone extension to visit the marabout holy place itself). The small village sits other than a little cascade, a muddled group of houses that appear to dissolve together into an anarchic mass. From here the trail keeps on climbing consistently, winding and crisscrossing its way up to the snowline and the Toukbal Refuge (3206m), our stop for the evening. Approx 5hrs

Day 2 : Base camp – Toubkal Summit – Imlil

Trek to summit of Jebel Toubkal(4165m); to Imlil, we will return Early at the beginning of the day. we make our endeavor on the summit of Jebel Toukbal. It os the highest peak in North Africa. The journey continues up the south cirque, crossing the river over the asylum. Afterward we will head to cross one of the mountains various scree fields, where we should debatable an apparently perpetual floor covering of stones and shakes. The stroll will be straightforward. the scree and the elevation will make the going very troublesome in parts. However, the landscapes and views en route make the voyage interesting and fun. Peaking the ridgeline we end up on the level, from where it is a short stroll to the summit and the vistas out over the encompassing

views are very amazing. The day continues through unhindered landscapes toward each path from the Marrakesh Plain to the High Atlas in the north and as far south as the Anti-Atlas and the Sahara. The incomparable Roman researcher (Pliny), when portrayed the High Atlas Mountains as “the most marvelous mountains in all of Africa” and from our vantage point high over the valley it is straightforward why. Following our way we arrive at that point return down the mountain and head back towards Imlil – medium-term In imlil.

the night. Approx 5hrs

Day3 : Imlil – Dades Valley